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Products & Applications

MAGTEC designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of drivetrain components to power or repower buses. For our customers we’re a one-stop shop, providing high quality solutions that always meet or exceed their commercial and performance objectives.

All products are manufactured to the highest international standards and our ethos is to design in features that guarantee optimum performance. Minimum component counts and high levels of integration, coupled with remote and through-life condition monitoring, ensure that mechanical failure is minimised.  Every product offers high specific torque and power and maximum efficiency over a wide torque/speed operating range.

All our manufacturing processes are scalable, ensuring that components are produced as cost-effectively as possible.

MAGTEC’s comprehensive range of products includes:

  • High performance permanent magnet traction motors
  • Gearbox and transmission systems
  • Embedded software and all control electronics
  • Permanent magnet generator systems
  • Energy buffer systems for range-extended vehicles
  • Battery control systems for electric vehicles
  • Battery charger systems
  • Ancillary drive systems and components.

P211 and P180 Traction Motors

The high performance P211 and P180 traction motors are suitable for most rear wheel drive vehicles up to 18 tonne GVW.
The P180 motor is suitable for single-decker buses up to 14 tonne and offers 150kW output power, 2000 Nm output torque and a maximum output speed of 2650rpm. The P211 motor is designed for double decker buses up to 18 tonne and offers 200kW output power and drives the differential via a conventional prop shaft

P182 Motor Controller

The power controller ensures smooth and reliable traction control during driving and braking.  The power controller ensures smooth and reliable traction control during driving and braking. MAGTEC controllers incorporate a range of additional features which oversee other vehicle and battery systems.

These include:

  • Vehicle control interfaces (accelerator and brake pedal etc.)
  • Battery communications and pre-charge and isolation systems
  • DCDC converters for charging vehicle 12v or 24v systems
  • Auxiliary inverters for driving external PAS pump motor and external air compressor motor.

Standard features of the controller software include:

  • ABS/EBS integration / creep functions
  • Electronically limited acceleration rates
  • Anti-slip function / electronic diff-lock function
  • Through-life data logging / remote monitoring via GPRS
  • Customer configuration tools.
Electric drivetrain systems for buses from Magtec – P180 Traction Motor

P180 Traction Motor

Electric drivetrain systems for buses from Magtec – P211 Traction Motor

P211 Traction Motor

Electric drivetrain systems for buses from Magtec – P182 Motor Controller

P182 Motor Controller