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MAGTEC has won a total of 17 new orders to repower bus fleets across the UK and in Europe. Buses in locations from York to Marrakech will soon be running on EV drivetrains – helping to improve air quality and reduce noise pollution.
An EV repower is an ideal solution for buses operating on inner city routes where high emissions and low fuel economy have a negative impact on both operators and users. The conversion from a diesel engine to EV can reduce operating costs by as much as 85% and will instantly enhance the asset value of any fleet.
Maintenance costs are also significantly lower; brake wear is reduced and EV buses don’t require exhaust treatment or air filtering systems.

MAGTEC Programme Manager Simon Buckley adds:

“A typical return on investment for an EV repower is less than four years. MAGTEC’s high-efficiency, low-weight systems have greater range, lower un-laden weight and use fewer batteries than competing systems. It’s why we’re at the heart of the electric bus revolution and why more operators than ever before are turning to us for an EV power or repower.”

MAGTEC EV buses are already in use in towns and cities throughout the UK and in Europe.