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A bus powered by a MAGTEC EV drivetrain has notched up an impressive 100,000 miles. The 27-seat Optare Solo is the first fully-electric bus in Scotland to be used for a local service and was launched in November 2013 by Keith Brown MSP.

A MAGTEC EV drivetrain means zero tailpipe emissions. Operating and maintenance costs are also significantly lower than for an equivalent diesel engine bus. In fact, recent independent testing has shown the Optare to be one of the most efficient currently in service in the UK.

MAGTEC Programme Manager Simon Buckley says:

“Electric buses are set to become a common feature of many city-centre landscapes. As well as zero tailpipe emissions they operate almost silently, which is good for passengers and local residents alike.  At MAGTEC we’re working hard to ensure our technology stays one step ahead of the fast-moving world of green transportation.”

The bus is used on the service linking the ferry ports at Cairnryan to the railway station in Stranraer and is operated by McLeans.  It was part-funded by the Scottish Government’s Green Bus Fund and is supported by the Regional Transport Partnership SWestrans.