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EV bus conversion by Magtec

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Design & Innovation

MAGTEC is one of the UK’s leading
manufacturers of electric drivetrains for PSVs

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MAGTEC is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of electric drivetrains for single- and double-decker buses up to 18 tonne GVW. EV buses fitted with our state-of-the-art clean technology are in use in major cities worldwide, including Versa in York and Nottingham, MetroCity in London, BigBus in Washington DC and ALSA in Spain. We also deliver systems to OEMs and vehicle converters all over the world.

Our zero-emission drivetrain solutions can be adopted to power a new fleet or repower an existing one. Repowering makes the very best commercial sense – your fleet will achieve major cost savings as our drive systems are designed to reduce fuel use through the recovery of kinetic energy. And you’ll be benefiting the environment by reducing noise and particle emissions.
Based in the heart of Sheffield’s manufacturing hub we’re ideally placed to deliver a highly professional service to customers around the globe.
environmentally friendly magtec ev buses

Environmental benefits

Full EV and range-extended EV buses are ideal in inner city environments where the effect of high emissions and low vehicle fuel economy have the greatest negative impact on operators and passengers.

return on investment in 5 years

Rapid return on investment

Fuel savings alone mean that most operators will see a return on their EV investment within five years. That’s without taking account of any subsidies or Government incentives.

magtec ev buses have a superior mileage range

Superior range

Ranges vary according to the technology deployed, but it’s possible to achieve between 75 and 150 miles on a single charge. A current MAGTEC project which incorporates 200kwh of on-board battery capacity will enable a service bus to achieve a range of 120 miles on a single overnight charge.


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EV is the ultimate win-win solution:
the latest clean technology coupled with major
cost savings for operators